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With the possibility of minting an infinite amount of DOGE, the coin was popular among miners since it can be mined alongside Litecoin under the same resources.

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Price changes have crawled into action from the end of January of and has officially shown signs of major movements from April when the media-savvy CEO started to tweet more often about the coin. The problem kicked in when individual investors proned into investing decisions for each and every SNS messages Elon has tweeted.

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The ups and downs of this meme coin make many head tilt, questioning investors' vulnerability to SNS posts and btc uganda jobs reaffirmation of the source credibility. The DOGE trend doesn't stop here.

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The scene has definitely gone beyond moderation to an uncontrollable speed. Every investor should always be reminded their investment decisions are at one's own risk and responsibility. The price of the cryptocurrency can go down as well as up, meaning one may not receive the amount invested.

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It is up to investors to treat the meme coin as a 'meme' or as a tool of earning profit.