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This offers them the opportunity to speculate on the declining value of the cryptocurrency. Vontobel is making two variants with different forms available.

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The issuer of the Short Mini Futures is Vontobel. The investor thus benefits from the advantages of a certificate, such as safekeeping in a securities custody account and easy trading on the stock exchange.

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With this new bitcoin investment opportunity, Vontobel is continuing to expand into the digital world and bringing investment expertise and fintech even closer together. Vontobel Financial Products is the leading provider of structured products in its domestic market, Switzerland, with a market share of 25 percent measured by volumes traded trade fintech bitcoin the stock exchange in the target segment.

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As the first and only issuer, Vontobel launched the Bitcoin Tracker in Switzerland and Germany in Julyissuing an additional variant with an unlimited duration on October 25, Today, the products are among the most heavily traded investment products on the stock exchange in both Switzerland and Germany, and are extremely popular with both institutional and private investors.