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The alliance, which consists of 45 museums from nine provincial-level regions along the Yellow River, was proposed by Henan Museum, which was elected the first convenor on a two-year term.

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A series of exhibition tours will be launched by the alliance, showcasing treasures from the area that reflect the Yellow River civilization. The establishment of the alliance will help build a comprehensive system to protect the cultural value of the Yellow River, Guan noted.

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Ma Xiaolin, curator of Henan Museum, said the alliance will strengthen academic research and exchanges to further explore the value of cultural heritage along the Yellow River. Malaysia reported another 4, new COVID infections, bringing the national total td bank bitcointhe health ministry said on Monday. As for voluntary work, about one million people have shown their willingness and applied to be volunteers for Beijing only one year after the global recruitment effort began.

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With eight competition venues completed by the end of and the plans td bank bitcoin the 'One Year to Go' ceremonies well on the way, "activities are developing, excitement is really beginning to build up," added Samaranch. Adopting a wider perspective, Samaranch deemed Beijing will go from inspiring a whole generation of winter sports enthusiasts, to building an environmentally friendly and sustainable Games.

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We are fully prepared for all eventualities. Wishing everyone a happy year inSamaranch also expressed his appreciation towards Xinhua, recognized as the IOC's international news agency infor its excellent work in in promoting Olympic values and Beijing in China and around the world. Fiji's permanent secretary for health James Fong said that of the new cases, 17 are from the western side of Viti Levu.

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Four cases are from the existing containment zones in Nadi, Fiji's third largest town. One is a prison officer from Suva in the Tavua prison compound and another case in Tavua is under investigation. There are also four new cases from Lautoka with unknown sources of transmission.

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Seven contacts of these Lautoka cases have also td bank bitcoin positive. The remaining cases are from the Lami-Nausori containment area.

She practiced very hard for eight hours daily and sometimes fell asleep during the daytime as she imagined the roles she would play. She focused on female warriors such as the patriotic retired general She Saihua, one of the best-known roles in The Female Generals of the Yang Family, who is guarded by her dragon-head cane.

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Since those days, Peking Opera has become a significant part of Yuan's life. Now 53, she is a well-known actress playing lao dan, or older female roles. On Wednesday and Thursday, she will play a leading role in Red Army Stories, a new work by the National Peking Opera Company that tells three stories from the Long March, the two-year tactical retreat by the Red Army to evade Kuomintang forces in Audiences get inspired by the stories and characters we portray.

I have also gained my own insights into the art, especially the underlying values of Chinese culture conveyed through each piece," she said. Peking Opera, known as jingju in Chinese, has a history of more than years and was declared a world intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in It combines a variety of art forms, including singing, dancing, martial arts and acrobatics.

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In her early days in Beijing, Yuan stayed at a small hotel near the Forbidden City and learned Peking Opera from her master, singing from early morning until evening. Her master was very strict, and she once had to sing a single word repeatedly for a whole day until he nodded approval.

As vice-president of the National Peking Opera Company, Yuan is dedicated to promoting the art form both in China and abroad, besides performing onstage. In September last year, Yuan led a team of young artists from the company on a tour of Kazakhstan, Russia and Sweden. She gave two lectures in each country, combining the history and techniques of the art form with demonstrations of classical pieces such as San Cha Kou Divergence and Ba Wang Bie Ji Farewell My Concubine.

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But the essence of the old art form never changes. We never get too far away from that, because if we do, we lose the magic," Yuan said. Innovazione - Bitcoin Innovazione - Bitcoin Bitcoin. Fai una donazione Bitcoin.