Raspberry pi trade in. Raspberry pi 4 model b 4gb arm-cortex-a72 4x 1,50 ghz, 4 gb ram, wlan-ac, bluetooth 5, lan, 4x

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The product seems to be a TP Link AC but, like all the computer related hardware, brands are only brands… we need to see the chip and the chipset.

How do I know it? Looking around google it seems that Mr. Engman wrote and distributed a super script that can install everything you want in a snap. To install the driver on your current kernel you just need to run command sudo install-wifi This will select the driver you need and automatically download and install it.

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And now what? No way for this to work. To do this you will need install git and clone the repository in your home directory.

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And finally sudo apt-get install dkms sudo cp -R. Anyway… I had to modify the rtmp. If you have the same errore, just remove the enum definition in the rtmp.

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This is the final result. You can see the dropdown menu for all the available wifi network, and I can navigate to a website www.

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