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USD BTC Si noti che l'importo BTC effettivo della neteller a btc potrebbe differire leggermente dall'importo attualmente indicato a causa delle fluttuazioni dei prezzi e dei tassi di cambio. Devi fare uno scambio per almeno The total amount may be sent to you in parts using many payments from different bank accounts, with different names and possibly even different countries, depending neteller a btc the total amount of the trade.

neteller a btc

After we've confirmed we have everything we need we will mark the trade as paid. You don't need to do anything else but wait for us to inform you about payment's taken place. As soon you receive a notification from us, You need to check your bank wallet and ect account for arrived payments and confirm it via this Trade Chat Attention!!!!

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You cannot leave this trade without response for more than 12 hours. Once we inform you about the new payment taking place, you must reply within 12 hours, otherwise a dispute will be raised.

Compra Bitcoin (BTC) con Neteller

You have to be responsive so we can complete this trade faster FAQ: How long does it take? The Full payout will be completed within 20 working days.

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Do you have an ETA? I'm afraid the best ETA that we can give you is up to 20 working days. Can you do it faster?

Acquista e vendi criptovaluta. Istantaneamente.

We will try our best, usually it is faster than 20 working days. Please relax and wait for us to inform you. Can I cancel this trade?

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Still no payment. When will you pay?

Lanciato il Servizio di Criptovaluta Exchange di Neteller

There is no reason for you to be worried and no need to remind us or ask when payment is going to be made. We are on it right now.

neteller a btc

Please, relax and wait for us to inform you. You've marked the trade as paid but I haven't received anything!

What's going on? As we've outlined in the terms of trade, when we mark the trade as paid it simply means that we have accepted the trade for processing.

neteller a btc

When we actually send you the payment s we will inform you about it in the trade chat and ask you to confirm it. Please wait for us to inform you in the trade chat when the payment is actually sent to you. Neteller can hold your money for some time, it is not my responsibility, that entirely depends on you and your account's health.