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Bitcoin BTC turns 12 and celebrates with price fireworks It was 12 mercado bitcoin como usar ago today that the Bitcoin Blockchain was brought to life by its inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

mercado bitcoin como usar

On 3 Januarythe first transaction was initiated on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Its unknown inventor had thus written a message in the first Bitcoin block, the so-called Genesis Block.

What became of it 12 years later, no one could have imagined at the time.

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With all the news about the rising Bitcoin price, some might overlook the fact that today the No. This was the beginning for the oldest and most successful blockchain in the world, which today claims a market capitalisation of over billion US dollars.

In the whitepaper, which he published on 31 Octoberhe explained Bitcoin Evolution app how the new monetary system worked.

mercado bitcoin como usar

About two months later, theory turned into practice. In Block Zero, i. For many crypto enthusiasts, the reference is clear.

mercado bitcoin como usar

They see hidden in this news a criticism of the current banking and financial system. After all, bank bailouts and major social unrest occurred at the time in the wake of the financial crisis.

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The London Times Libertarian circles in particular see Bitcoin as an opportunity for a monetary system that does without the state and banks. What Bitcoin has become As successful as Bitcoin is and its price is climbing one all-time high after another, Bitcoin notifica btc now more than ever in the hands of traditional financial players.

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Yet it is now just as much the institutional investors as private individuals who hold Bitcoin as an asset. Bitcoin has gained acceptance not as a currency, but as a store of value.

The payment function in the sense of a currency has long been secondary.

mercado bitcoin como usar

The deflationary nature of Bitcoin runs counter to the original goal of creating a currency more than it helps it. However, this in no way diminishes the added value that Satoshi Nakamoto brought into the world 12 years ago. The countless billions that flow into Bitcoin every day show that there is a demand for a digital safe haven that cannot be manipulated by central banks and states.

mercado bitcoin como usar

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