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DOI: I describe the data in detail and show that it is representative for Switzerland as a whole.

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Next, I present a set of empirical facts lokal mint btc the distribution of wealth and income in Switzerland. I shed light on the composition of wealth and income along the distribution, including the very top.

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I find substantial heterogeneity in the composition for different population groups. Real estate wealth is held only by the upper half of the wealth distribution.

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Most importantly, due to the strong age-wealth gradient, age has an important influence on the composition as well as on the joint distribution of income and wealth. At any income level except for the bottom quintile, retirees are more likely to be higher up in the wealth distribution than non-retirees—including at the very top of the wealth distribution. Overall, I find a strong correlation between income and wealth, combine with a pronounced tail dependence, especially at the lokal mint btc.

Le grandi organizzazioni burocratiche come l'UE sono il prodotto dell'era industriale e purtroppo, in assenza di riforme significative, non sopravvivranno all'era digitale. L'era digitale porta al decentramento e all'efficienza sotto il profilo dei costi, come il flusso decentrato di informazioni ad esempio Internet e di denaro ad esempio, bitcoin senza la necessità di un controllo centralizzato, che è molto costoso da mantenere ossia l'UE.

Taking age into account, gender differences in wealth levels are small. They are more pronounced in the income distribution, where women also rely more on transfer income than on labor income compared to men.

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Ziebarth Using uniquely compiled data from administrative sources at the state-week level from to along with bitcoin trading ltd sti methods, we present quasi-experimental evidence that sick pay mandates have causally reduced doctor-certified ILI rates at the population level.

Ziebarth and Katherine Wen Using a difference-in-differences strategy, we compared changes in newly reported COVID cases in states where workers gained the right to take paid sick leave treatment group versus in states where workers already had access to paid sick leave control group before the FFCRA. We adjusted for differences in testing, day-of-the-week reporting, structural state differences, general virus dynamics, and policies such as stay-at-home orders.

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Compared with the control group and relative to the pre-FFCRA period, states that gained access to paid sick leave through the FFCRA saw around fewer confirmed cases per state per day. This estimate translates into roughly one prevented case per day per 1, workers who had newly gained the option to take up to two weeks of paid sick leave.

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