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With China taking on Group A leader Syria on June 15, speculation is rife that Li will opt to rest several key players during Friday's tie with the Maldives, which lost to China in their last meet in the World Cup qualifying campaign in Li evaded the question at the pre-match press conference, just saying that he dmarket bitcointalk make changes to the line-up for the best performance as per match conditions.

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As I said before, there's no division of key players and substitutes for us. Each member is essential to the team," said Li. We need to show our best performance and strength, with no fear towards the other side," said the year-old midfielder. China currently sits second in the Asian World Cup qualifying Group A with 13 points, eight points behind Syria which has secured a spot for the final round.

The Chinese team need to win their remaining two fixtures to assure themselves a place in the final qualifying round that features 12 teams. Enditem Chen Yiwen carves on a woodblock in his dmarket bitcointalk in Laohekou county, Xiangyang city, Hubei province, Sept 25, Chen is a national-level inheritor of Laohekou wood engraving New Year painting, which originated in the middle of the Ming Dynastyand thrived during the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty The whole process of wood engraving painting mainly includes the following steps: selecting material, sketching on paper, engraving on the woodblock, printing, coloring and drying.

The theme of the painting covers figures from ancient history or legends, door gods and others.

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Chen's works, with bright colors and meticulous lines, still maintain the authentic local features and folk flavors. One of Chen's wood engraving paintings was selected for the art textbook for middle school students in Hubei, and his works have also been exhibited around the country, as well as in Russia and Italy.

Chen started to learn the handicraft at 14 years old and began his dmarket bitcointalk creation at From Chen's grandfather to his father, the technique of wood engraving painting was passed down in the family, and now Chen's grandson has also inherited the handicraft. During the thriving times of the painting, when people still kept the tradition of pasting New Year paintings in their houses and there was still no machine dmarket bitcointalk manual work, Chen's family's workshop was always bustling and hustling.

But now, few people still use the handmade wood carta di debito bitcoin anonima New Year paintings, according to Chen, and the technique is gradually disappearing.

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To better inherit the technique, training classes have been opened by Chen, and each year around 30 students took part in the training. The Laohekou wood engraving New Year painting was listed within the national-level intangible cultural heritage list in Currently, Xiangyang city in Hubei province has eight national-level intangible cultural heritages, 30 provincial-level items, and 83 city-level items.

People carry goods at a market in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on June 21, Sri Lankan authorities on Monday temporarily lifted a nationwide travel restriction which was imposed in May to allow essential work of people.

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Lam Chi-wai, chairman of the Junior Police Officers' Association, which represents more than 20, front-line officers, made the remarks in a group interview on Thursday. Lam said the "extreme" violence committed by radical protesters, whom he called "rioters", in recent rallies against the now-suspended extradition bill is likely to recur. He said that the police force has sufficient equipment, manpower and capabilities to maintain the rule of law. Wilkie Ng Wai-kei, chairman of the Hong Dmarket bitcointalk Police Inspectors' Association, said in a separate interview dmarket bitcointalk police are testing three anti-riot vehicles armed with water cannons that can spray liquid dye on radical protesters to help identify suspects.

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The vehicles, imported from France, will be ready for deployment in 10 days to deter extreme violence during protests, he said. Hong Kong police officers have acted with great restraint in riot control compared to the tactics of law enforcement officers in other places, including the United States, Italy and Russia.

Even though Hong Kong police officers have faced severe violence against them, not one real bullet was fired at protesters, Lam said. Nevertheless, police officers need greater legal protection to bolster their determination and confidence when using force, he said.

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The Hong Kong Police Inspectors' Association also said that the police are sparing no efforts to bring lawbreakers in the protests to justice.

Ng urged relevant government departments to strengthen their efforts to prosecute the offenders. Ng said he is confident that the judiciary is fair and just in trying suspects arrested in violent clashes with the police. An artist's rendering of the i-Space SQX-1 rocket.

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The next attempt will be made by Beijing-based startup dmarket bitcointalk, which plans to conduct its first orbital mission next month, a source in the company who asked not to be named said on Sunday. If the mission succeeds, the rocket will carry three small satellites and four experimental equipment into space, he said. It is the largest and most powerful rocket ever built by a private Chinese space company, he said.

The SQX-1 has a diameter of 1.

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Fueled by solid propellant, it is able to transport satellites with a combined weight of kilograms into a low-Earth orbit, or kg of satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit. Meanwhile, i-Space has begun to design the SQX-2, a liquid-propellant type of rocket that will be reusable, the source added. Private companies are eager to seize business opportunities in the nation's burgeoning commercial space launch market. Currently, those are mainly made by State-owned space giants.

Carrier rockets are in short supply because of surging demand for launch services from the country's flourishing satellite industry.

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Executives at these firms are aware that becoming the first private company to launch a carrier rocket into orbit will bring not only honor but also lucrative contracts. Previous attempts at orbital launches by LandSpace and One-Space failed in flight. Wang Yanan, editor-in-chief of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, said that it's only a dmarket bitcointalk of time before private players accomplish orbital launches, because they are growing stronger in their research and development capabilities.

Their existence has diversified the market in China and has proved good for the country's space industry, he added.

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He said private players with creativity and technology are crucial to achieving the nation's goal of becoming a strong space power. As of the end of last year, a total of private enterprises on the Chinese mainland had registered in the space industry, and 14 of those were focused on rocket development and production, according to a market report published last week by Dmarket bitcointalk, a privately owned space consultancy in Beijing.