Bitcoin trading wall street

Bitcoin Arrives Strong on Wall Street

Because it is the most traded cryptocurrency and it has more value than any other cryptocurrency. No doubt other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Ripple are also growing.

But still, they are underneath Bitcoins.

bitcoin trading wall street

Those currencies are not more valuable than bitcoins in the current time frame. Bitcoins are growing at a rapid scale since it was launched in the global market back in But in its initial days, it was not taken into consideration by any investors.

La storia di Bitcoin Revolution

But now it has arrived on Wall Street with a very strong value. What is the reason behind the strength and growth that Bitcoin is getting on Wall Street? Today in this post we will discuss Bitcoin's strong arrival on Wall Street, which is the largest stock exchange market. Wall Street is the world's top-class stock exchange market. And the investors there are followed by the whole world.

That is why it seems very important when Wall Street shows interest in a decentralized currency called Bitcoins.

How does The Market see Bitcoin & Wall Street?

Yes, there are many other cryptocurrencies in the market, but Bitcoin is the pioneer. That is why the market started with Bitcoin.

But is it the only reason behind this step of Wall Street? There are many other reasons why the whole world sees potential in this decentralized cryptocurrency.

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Following are some of the reasons. The Market Makers The whole thing started with big market markets.

bitcoin trading wall street

When market leaders show interest in any asset, the whole world speculates very closely. The same thing happened with bitcoins.

Account Options

Many market leaders and top investors of Wall Street showed interest in bitcoins. And it was the only strong reason behind the growth of bitcoins.

bitcoin trading wall street

What About Regulations? We all know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple are not regulated. There is no central control on these cryptocurrencies.

That is why these currencies are known as decentralized currencies. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency in the world.

Come il Bitcoin ha già rivoluzionato Wall Street

But what about its regulation? Can it be regulated?

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After bitcoin was available to be traded on Wall Street, the whole world started this debate. Everybody linked with bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency wanted to know whether in future bitcoins will be regulated or not. Because they are listed on Wall Street so whether they will be regulated or not.

bitcoin trading wall street

But the answer is not sure. But, you can see the situation in front of you on your own.


There are no policies to regulate bitcoin to gbp exchange. Ripple Can Be Regulated Bitcoin trading wall street are not saying that all these decentralized cryptocurrencies can never be regulated. SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple claiming that it is unregistered security.

bitcoin trading wall street

But the bitcoin trading wall street of Ripple stated that Ripple is a cryptocurrency, it is not a security. So there is no need to register Ripple as security. This dispute hasn't ended yet.

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Because still the SEC is there on its stand and it wants to claim a lawsuit against Ripple management. So the world won't wonder if in the future Ripple gets registered as a security.