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I've gotten comments and emails wondering where I've gone.

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Actually, nothing has changed and it hasn't been a conscious decision to scale back here at all. I've been wanting to post. Part of it may be that I was a little busy.

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I have been getting involved in volunteering here and there and sometimes it takes up a little more time than expected, and before you know it, you have no time for other stuff. The other reason for not posting much, I guess, is that things haven't bitcoin trading ltd sti changed all that much.

Zoom le opzioni binarie aprono un conto di trading Fai trading e investi in criptovalute, azioni, ETF, Non condivideremo mai i tuoi dati privati senza il tuo consenso. Conto Demo: fai pratica con il nostro account Demo, dove tutte le funzionalità del mercato reale sono disponibili sulla nostra piattaforma di trading Tassi in tempo reale: tassi di cambio aggiornati al secondo, facilmente eseguibili, 24 ore su Vasta gamma di divise: tassi di cambio in tempo reale, 24 ore su 24 su decine di divise. Impara gratis a fare trading online con un conto demo che CKFX ti mette a disposizione. Il piacere di investire e guadagnare volte di più di quello investito in pochi giorni questo è il mondo Forex mercato valutario di tutto il pianeta aperto 24 ore su 24 cono oltre 3 miliardi di dollari di. Un broker software trading binarie con bonus era certamente un operatore finanziario che teneva a pubblicizzarsi in modo da attrarre trading clienti, se questo lo faceva in modo responsabile ed equilibrato quindi software offrire bonus esageratamente alti o bonus senza deposito.

Maybe I'm coasting on things that I like that are doing well. I still like most of what I've talked about here and there hasn't been any reason to change anything.

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Anyway, what triggered this post is another great memo from Howard Marks. If you are curious about bitcoin, or what to do about the markets overvalued?

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Of course, most readers here probably already read it. At least that's what it feels like. The Market I haven't really changed my mind about the market at all.

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I've written a lot about what I think and nothing has really changed. The market is still expensive, and interest rates are still low.

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I still think a reasonable 'normalized' interest rate 10 year is around 4. And in that environment, stocks are still not expensive.

A blog about Manufacturing, International Trade, Monetary Policy, and replication by an academic economist. My take on bitcoin is the standard boring economists' take: bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the mother of all irrational bubbles. And, if you'd listened to me and us economistsyou're continuing to live in relative poverty as your friends get rich, with money and wealth coming out of nowhere and millionaires minted overnight. He also believes that bitcoin is in a huge bubble. After all, the logic behind bitcoin is that it is a super easy, cheap and fast way to send money.

A lot of smart people are saying that it is way too expensive using some long term average, like the past century. Well, my view is that to use that as the norm, one would also have to assume that the average interest rate in the next century will be like the last century, and that's not at all a given.

One argument is that low interest rates haven't helped Japanese stocks.

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This is an interesting bitcoin trading ltd sti and I may take a close look at that at some point as I did spend some time in Tokyo this summer. It is really an interesting, fascinating place.

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But it can also be incredibly frustrating too. What To Do Howard Marks writes about the options investors have at this point in an overvalued, late cycle market.

He has a problem with people saying to do nothing and invest as usual. He makes a great argument but I sort of wonder about that. Maybe it's different in fixed income versus equities; in fixed income there isn't much upside but a lot of downside.

In the stock market, there is huge upside to offset huge downside.

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Marks says that we do have to do something here, whether it be to lighten up, reduce return expectations, or some of the other things he lists I agree we have to accept lower prospective returns; there is no arguing against that. First of all, one problem with this discussion has to do with who you are.

If you are an equity fund manager, hedge fund, pension manager, asset allocator, individual investor IRA, K, young person, old person etc.

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My guess is that for most people, do nothing should be fine. Because they kept getting in and out of the market trying to outsmart it.

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When you think about that, it makes you wonder whether getting out or lighten up when you think the market is expensive is a wise decision. As I've said often before, when you look at the returns of the folks who do try to allocate capital according to forecasts, they haven't done all that well.