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Sinctok Immobilization Device of trauma patients in backcountry or confined spaces. Composite materials long board with the option to be quickly disassembled in 5 pieces of reduced size and weight.

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The characteristics of the board allow to bitcoin shuffler support and immobilize the spine and the main body metamers to maintain the neutral alignment of the trauma patient and to allow its moving.

Skid Board SkidBoard Composite materials board with a special shape that allows loading and evacuating a driver undergoing trauma from the race track in seconds. A collaboration with race track medical services departments has given rise to a procedure and a set of tools dedicated to the quick evacuation of motorcycle riders bitcoin shuffler fall on the track.

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The procedure was developed in order to evacuate riders undergoing trauma to a safe area in a reduced amount of time, making it possible to avoid preventive choices and ensure the ability to standardize operations and treatments by increasing the safety of the rescue operations. The SkidBoard was built with particular solutions and materials that allow the patient to slide on the asphalt or surface of a race track and decrease the weight lifted by rescuers, limiting the possibility of falls and increasing the speed and safety of operations with an immobilized patient.

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