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My wife and I keep talking about going to it since we love pop culture.

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Four items in the recent SDNN stories struck me as deserving comment. Seasonal business A We need to understand that seasonality has an important impact on San Diego tourism market.

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Smaller spending B Indeed, given the figures provided by the Convention Center spokesperson see below if Comic-Con attendees are crowding out tourists this could actually be a problem. Local attendees C We also know anecdotally bitcoin san diego a significant number of attendees at ComicCon are local.

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Their spending needs to be thought of as context. Such spending substitutes for other sorts of similar spending.

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Overall, the economic impact from this local spending is a wash. While that still leaves unaddressed whether they are crowding out other tourists who might have a greater economic impact, it would put in better context the shows actual economic impact.

ComicCon has gone from a small comic book and gaming convention to something much more significant as a pop culture event. However, since the number of overnight visitors to our region have stayed in a relative narrow band along with inflation adjusted average room rates.

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Is ComicCon a good thing? It makes our community a more interesting place to live.

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