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Quando il prezzo del bitcoin scende al di sotto del prezzo di liquidazione di una posizione lunga, gli scambi possono forzare la vendita della posizione, creando ancora più pressione sui prezzi al ribasso, potenzialmente formando un bitcoin cycle chart a cascata di liquidazioni lunghe che si combina con un forte calo dei prezzi, che è esattamente quello che abbiamo visto il 19 maggio Figura 9: tasso di finanziamento dei futures bitcoin perpetui su tutte le borse Origine immagine Un cambiamento di scenario Un cambiamento di scenario potrebbe essere osservato in molti altri parametri durante il primo trimestre del Ad esempiole partecipazioni in bitcoin del Grayscale Bitcoin Trust che avevano visto forti aumenti basati sulla domanda istituzionale hanno smesso di aumentare nel febbraio figura 10mentre il premio sulle sue azioni GBTC è diventato in realtà profondamente negativo.

Both the bitcoin price orange and COIN price black and white were creeping up during the months up to this event, and found their all-time highs around their direct listing date on April 14, figure The direct listing was accompanied with large sell pressure from Coinbase executives bitcoin cycle chart were selling part of their positions, creating a steep downward price movement in the price of their shares.

For example, you should consider cash as a position when the markets begin to execute a broad market consolidation pattern that often results in many weeks or months of sideways, choppy price activity. Moving your assets away from these risks and into cash as early as possible can save thousands of dollars in unwanted — and worse yet avoidable — losses and stress. Because moving your money away from risks and into a cash position can often create a major advantage for all types of investors. We will get into more detail about this later.

Figure USD price charts for Coinbase COIN, black and white and bitcoin BTC, orange Image source Another clear trend change that occurred after the January local top was the fast decline in bitcoin dominance that we have seen since then figure This declining bitcoin dominance means that altcoin price appreciation was outperforming that of bitcoin, which can likely be attributed to retail market participants entering the scene en masse.

Figure Bitcoin dominance black and white and price Orange Image source Young Whales Crashing The Party Since the January local top, a clear downward trend can be witnessed in the degree in which older coins are responsible for the on-chain volume figure This means that recent price movements can increasingly be attributed to relatively young market participants.

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An example of this is visualized in figure 14, where the green circles highlight the magnitude of whale addresses that transacted on-chain during the May 19,capitulation event.

It is impossible to predict the future based on historical data since the context of that data continuously changes and future events can simply take a different course. Nonetheless, comparing current and historical on-chain data structures can be helpful to gauge to what extent cyclical investor behavior rhymes in terms of market psychology.

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One example of this is illustrated in figure Unlike the previous market cycles, whose tops were all marked by an exponential blow-off top that was combined with long-term holders massively selling into market strength, this cycle so far has had neither. Of course, this cycle does not have to be similar to the previous ones, but this does illustrate that it would be quite atypical if the current cycle indeed ends with a dud.

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As just pointed out, we cannot predict the future based on on-chain data; but we can monitor trends in its flows to help us understand recent market movements and more substantially speculate where the market might move next. Despite the steep price drop, some positive on-chain signals could be witnessed.

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During the recent market correction, exchanges saw large net inflows of the short-term holders that were getting out of their positions figure This suggests that the lower prices triggered new? These OTC desks facilitate trading between larger entities that bitcoin cycle chart to buy or sell bitcoin without moving markets.

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Figure A seven-day moving average of bitcoin outflows of OTC trade desks Another possible sign of continued demand for spot exposure to bitcoin is the stablecoin reserves on spot exchanges that have continued to go up figure Figure Stablecoin reserves on spot exchanges Based on the number of accumulation addresses recently peaking to new all-time highs, the price dip also appears to have triggered market participants to dollar-cost average DCA into a bitcoin position figure Figure Number of bitcoin accumulation addresses Image source Finally, the recent spike in the net growth of entities on the Bitcoin network suggests that during the price crash more entities bitcoin cycle chart than left, also suggesting that the lower prices enticed some people to buy into a position figure Figure A seven-day moving average of the net growth of entities on the Bitcoin network Image source Although Twitter polls always need to be taken with a grain of salt, the results lo scambio di bitcoin più liquido the poll displayed in figure 21 provide another signal that market participants still have a positive mid-to long-term expectation bitcoin cycle chart the bitcoin price.

Respondents are neutral to mildly bullish on a weekly to monthly time frame but clearly still very bullish on bitcoin cycle chart yearly time frame. The protocol upgrade is expected to be locked into activation within the next two weeks and will be activated in November if successful.

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Figure The status of the miner signaling process for the Taproot Bitcoin protocol update on June 1, Image source A Note Of Caution The recent unwinding of leverage and change of scenery provided a call for caution, as well as a warning that the bitcoin market has reached a very volatile and vulnerable phase, regardless of the direction in which it moves next.

During the past year, bitcoin has matured into a macro-asset that is increasingly adopted by institutional investors, moving the asset into a whole new playing field.

It may, therefore, see regulatory headwinds that can spur anxiety into markets, even if those narratives are based on flawed information.

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Another possible result of the increased institutional adoption is that its price developments may increasingly start following those of the larger overall macro cycle. Like we saw in Marchits price course may be impacted if a macro-economic breakdown were to happen.

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A Possible Outlook For There are no guarantees that the bitcoin price will necessarily mimic the trajectories of its previous halving cycles. Figure Bitcoin halving cycle roadmap — Disclaimer: This article was written for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. This is a guest post by Dilution-proof. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc.

Non rischiare più di quanto sei disposto a perdere. Prima di decidere di fare trading, assicurati di aver compreso appieno tutti i rischi connessi tenendo in considerazione i tuoi obiettivi di investimento, nonché il tuo livello di esperienza.