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I sometimes question my possibilist approach to almost everything. I will find convincing reasons behind every side of each debate about any topic.

John Snowcrates is my hero.

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But on the crypto thing, truth is so clear to me that I need to pay respect to my biases. The more I look around, the more I think I see it clearly: in their current form, cryptos are Ponzi schemes. And NFTs are Ponzi schemes squared. The hype around Crypto today is a global hallucinations, and the explosion in crypto market prices is the biggest bubble of all time.

I also want to talk about NFTs, but in a later episode of this series. If you know anyone, please let me know. No fucking body.

Cos'è il trading sui bitcoin?

Everybody is just betting, looking for a greater fool. Full stop. Nobody signed a working contract with their compensation expressed in a crypto. Wait, wait… before you scream, I know that there are two categories of people who do get paid in cryptos. First fake group is populated by those who are working on yet another crypto startup and who are paid in their own shitcoin.

Cos'è un ciclo di mercato? Cos'è il trading? Il trading è un concetto economico fondamentale che coinvolge l'acquisto e la vendita di asset.

Essentially a Ponzi Scheme definition. Second fake group is populated by the crypto fanatics who work and interact with other crypto fanatics. Which means they signed a work contract with amounts expressed in good old Benjamin Franklins, but on the pay day they get paid that amount converted in crapcoins.

Italian average salary is 30k per year, nobody would sign a contract for 0. Either BTC will go to 1M and their employer will fire them to hire someone for 0. Btw, how to legally prove that the monthly salary has been paid? Not a Currency Cryptos are not currencies.

confronto dei tassi di scambio di criptocurrency tutti gli scambi bitcoin

They lack everything that make a currency a currency. Limited supply is bullshit. No monetary policy is possible with limited supply. No deficit spending. No credit.

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Governments being able to borrow money from the present to find a way to pay it back in the future is what brought food on bitcoin buy and hold o di commercio table of hundreds of bitcoin buy and hold o di commercio of individuals everywhere in the world. So, fuck you BTC. No credit, no debts. Have you contracted a debt in BTC recently? Guess what, nobody did. Nobody could. Nobody would! First of all, good luck designing a smart contracts to enforce debt repayment or good luck asking for justice in this field without a collateral lockable in the blockchain.

Second, assuming you were able to contract a debt in BTC for your home purchase few years ago, now your debt is just 10x larger. Tomorrow it could become x smaller. Cryptos are not currencies. You just broadcast your intention to transact on the BTC network and some gentle miner will grab your transaction and try to mine a packet including it.

The tip should be specified in the transaction itself.

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So far so good. So Hippie. So anti-establishment. Tips are non-optional. There are fee calculators based on number of bytes that your transaction occupies in the block, and a market price of satoshis per byte. No matter the amount of coins being moved. Progetto privacy aperto bitcoin cool is that?

Mind that the fees are: Doomed to grow with crypto price growth. Doomed to grow with future halving events. Miners gonna need food on their table. Fees must grow, else what am I mining for? There are customers waiting on the other tables.

How much do you want, 20? I promise, this is the future! Currently, BTC blockchain difficulty is set up to mine a block every 10 minutes.

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And even if your transaction is included in the latest mined packet, mind that the world might require more packets after yours in the chain to validate your transaction to avoid lucky cr hackers. Not fun. You should try the freshly baked wood oven bread! I take this, this… and that. How much is it?

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Last month it was 0. You should have received my satoshis! About Gaetano… you recognized his address? Well, check his balance. I wanted to help him.

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Modern wallets bypass this by providing temporary addresses for each transaction. Harder and less convenient to do with paper wallets. And a death sentence to blockchain explosion in size. Second, Gold has some intrinsic value. A little, I know.

Una Guida Completa al Trading di Criptovalute per Principianti | Binance Academy

We can wear Gold. But what about holding 6, 7 or more digits amounts in cryptos? Your devices being hacked: mind that crypto transactions are not reversible. Banks or credit cards transactions offer infinite protections in comparison. Your devices being stolen. Paper Wallet stolen, lost, degraded.

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For hardcore paper walleters. Life threats. People recommends to use different addresses for each commercio di giorno bitcoin canada, and cold storages usually work this way… how convenient!

How fucking convenient! I guess my father is eager to adopt this amazing technology! Explosion, earthquake, fire, tornado, flooding or other natural disasters happening to your home.

The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Yes, you can hedge against it, like having a secondary wallet paper or hardware in a bank safe. How cool! Using banks to contribute to this revolution against the evil… banks! Phishing and Scamming. You sent some BTC for your purchases and nobody is shipping your product? Call your bank and block the… wait, which bank?

But you can always sue… wait, who? Exchanges being hacked. Do you remember Mt Gox? It was … A lot of BTC have been stolen back then. Now things are way safer! Or… are they? Your fucking death. Are your survivors able to handle your wallet? Are you prepared to die tomorrow?

Last time I checked, Mr. And luck loves to mix ingredients, like having your wallet on Quadriga exchange being lost because the CEO suddenly died in a mysterious way with his encrypted wallet and it turns out it was a giant Ponzi Scheme. Is this a technology ready for mass adoption?

No, this is garbage!